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gd_io.h File Reference

#include <stdio.h>

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#define GD_IO_H   1


typedef gdIOCtx gdIOCtx
typedef gdIOCtxgdIOCtxPtr


void Putword (int w, gdIOCtx *ctx)
void Putchar (int c, gdIOCtx *ctx)
void gdPutC (const unsigned char c, gdIOCtx *ctx)
int gdPutBuf (const void *, int, gdIOCtx *)
void gdPutWord (int w, gdIOCtx *ctx)
void gdPutInt (int w, gdIOCtx *ctx)
int gdGetC (gdIOCtx *ctx)
int gdGetBuf (void *, int, gdIOCtx *)
int gdGetByte (int *result, gdIOCtx *ctx)
int gdGetWord (int *result, gdIOCtx *ctx)
int gdGetInt (int *result, gdIOCtx *ctx)
int gdSeek (gdIOCtx *ctx, const int)
long gdTell (gdIOCtx *ctx)

Define Documentation

#define GD_IO_H   1

Definition at line 6 of file gd_io.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct gdIOCtx gdIOCtx

typedef struct gdIOCtx* gdIOCtxPtr

Definition at line 32 of file gd_io.h.

Function Documentation

int gdGetBuf void *  ,
int  ,

int gdGetByte int *  result,
gdIOCtx ctx

int gdGetC gdIOCtx ctx  ) 

int gdGetInt int *  result,
gdIOCtx ctx

int gdGetWord int *  result,
gdIOCtx ctx

int gdPutBuf const void *  ,
int  ,

void gdPutC const unsigned char  c,
gdIOCtx ctx

void gdPutInt int  w,
gdIOCtx ctx

void gdPutWord int  w,
gdIOCtx ctx

int gdSeek gdIOCtx ctx,
const   int

long gdTell gdIOCtx ctx  ) 

void Putchar int  c,
gdIOCtx ctx

void Putword int  w,
gdIOCtx ctx

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