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gvrender.h File Reference

#include "gvrenderint.h"

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GVC_tgvNEWcontext (char **info, char *user)
void gvBindContext (GVC_t *gvc, graph_t *g)
void gvFREEcontext (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvconfig (GVC_t *gvc, char *config)
boolean gvconfig_install_plugin (GVC_t *gvc, char *api, char *type, char *path, void *fn)
gv_plugin_tgvconfig_load_plugin (GVC_t *gvc, char *api, char *type)
char * gvconfig_list_plugins (GVC_t *gvc, char *api)
void gvrender_output_filename_job (GVC_t *gvc, char *name)
void gvrender_output_langname_job (GVC_t *gvc, char *name)
gvrender_job_tgvrender_first_job (GVC_t *gvc)
gvrender_job_tgvrender_next_job (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_delete_jobs (GVC_t *gvc)
int gvlang_select (GVC_t *gvc, char *name, int warn)
char * gvlang_name (int langID)
int gvrender_features (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_reset (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_job (GVC_t *gvc, char **lib, point pages)
void gvrender_end_job (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_graph (GVC_t *gvc, graph_t *g, box bb, point pb)
void gvrender_end_graph (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_page (GVC_t *gvc, point page, double scale, int rot, point offset)
void gvrender_end_page (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_layer (GVC_t *gvc, char *layerName, int n, int nLayers)
void gvrender_end_layer (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_cluster (GVC_t *gvc, graph_t *sg)
void gvrender_end_cluster (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_nodes (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_end_nodes (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_edges (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_end_edges (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_node (GVC_t *gvc, node_t *n)
void gvrender_end_node (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_edge (GVC_t *gvc, edge_t *e)
void gvrender_end_edge (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_context (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_end_context (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_begin_anchor (GVC_t *gvc, char *href, char *tooltip, char *target)
void gvrender_end_anchor (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_set_font (GVC_t *gvc, char *fontname, double fontsize)
void gvrender_textline (GVC_t *gvc, pointf p, textline_t *str)
void gvrender_set_pencolor (GVC_t *gvc, char *name)
void gvrender_set_fillcolor (GVC_t *gvc, char *name)
void gvrender_set_style (GVC_t *gvc, char **s)
void gvrender_ellipse (GVC_t *gvc, point p, int rx, int ry, int filled)
void gvrender_polygon (GVC_t *gvc, point *A, int n, int filled)
void gvrender_beziercurve (GVC_t *gvc, pointf *AF, int n, int arrow_at_start, int arrow_at_end)
void gvrender_polyline (GVC_t *gvc, point *A, int n)
void gvrender_comment (GVC_t *gvc, void *obj, attrsym_t *sym)
void gvrender_user_shape (GVC_t *gvc, char *name, point *A, int sides, int filled)

Function Documentation

void gvBindContext GVC_t gvc,
graph_t g

void gvconfig GVC_t gvc,
char *  config

boolean gvconfig_install_plugin GVC_t gvc,
char *  api,
char *  type,
char *  path,
void *  fn

char* gvconfig_list_plugins GVC_t gvc,
char *  api

gv_plugin_t* gvconfig_load_plugin GVC_t gvc,
char *  api,
char *  type

void gvFREEcontext GVC_t gvc  ) 

char* gvlang_name int  langID  ) 

int gvlang_select GVC_t gvc,
char *  name,
int  warn

GVC_t* gvNEWcontext char **  info,
char *  user

void gvrender_begin_anchor GVC_t gvc,
char *  href,
char *  tooltip,
char *  target

void gvrender_begin_cluster GVC_t gvc,
graph_t sg

void gvrender_begin_context GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_begin_edge GVC_t gvc,
edge_t e

void gvrender_begin_edges GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_begin_graph GVC_t gvc,
graph_t g,
box  bb,
point  pb

void gvrender_begin_job GVC_t gvc,
char **  lib,
point  pages

void gvrender_begin_layer GVC_t gvc,
char *  layerName,
int  n,
int  nLayers

void gvrender_begin_node GVC_t gvc,
node_t n

void gvrender_begin_nodes GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_begin_page GVC_t gvc,
point  page,
double  scale,
int  rot,
point  offset

void gvrender_beziercurve GVC_t gvc,
pointf AF,
int  n,
int  arrow_at_start,
int  arrow_at_end

void gvrender_comment GVC_t gvc,
void *  obj,
attrsym_t sym

void gvrender_delete_jobs GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_ellipse GVC_t gvc,
point  p,
int  rx,
int  ry,
int  filled

void gvrender_end_anchor GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_cluster GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_context GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_edge GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_edges GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_graph GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_job GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_layer GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_node GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_nodes GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_end_page GVC_t gvc  ) 

int gvrender_features GVC_t gvc  ) 

gvrender_job_t* gvrender_first_job GVC_t gvc  ) 

gvrender_job_t* gvrender_next_job GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_output_filename_job GVC_t gvc,
char *  name

void gvrender_output_langname_job GVC_t gvc,
char *  name

void gvrender_polygon GVC_t gvc,
point A,
int  n,
int  filled

void gvrender_polyline GVC_t gvc,
point A,
int  n

void gvrender_reset GVC_t gvc  ) 

void gvrender_set_fillcolor GVC_t gvc,
char *  name

void gvrender_set_font GVC_t gvc,
char *  fontname,
double  fontsize

void gvrender_set_pencolor GVC_t gvc,
char *  name

void gvrender_set_style GVC_t gvc,
char **  s

void gvrender_textline GVC_t gvc,
pointf  p,
textline_t str

void gvrender_user_shape GVC_t gvc,
char *  name,
point A,
int  sides,
int  filled

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