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pathgeom.h File Reference

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typedef Pxy_t Pxy_t
typedef Pxy_t Ppoint_t
typedef Pxy_t Pvector_t
typedef Ppoly_t Ppoly_t
typedef Ppoly_t Ppolyline_t
typedef Pedge_t Pedge_t
typedef vconfig_s vconfig_t

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct Pedge_t Pedge_t

typedef struct Pxy_t Ppoint_t

Definition at line 29 of file pathgeom.h.

typedef struct Ppoly_t Ppoly_t

typedef Ppoly_t Ppolyline_t

Definition at line 37 of file pathgeom.h.

typedef struct Pxy_t Pvector_t

Definition at line 30 of file pathgeom.h.

typedef struct Pxy_t Pxy_t

typedef struct vconfig_s vconfig_t

Definition at line 44 of file pathgeom.h.

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