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pathplan.h File Reference

#include "pathgeom.h"

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int Pshortestpath (Ppoly_t *boundary, Ppoint_t endpoints[2], Ppolyline_t *output_route)
int Proutespline (Pedge_t *barriers, int n_barriers, Ppolyline_t input_route, Pvector_t endpoint_slopes[2], Ppolyline_t *output_route)
int Ppolybarriers (Ppoly_t **polys, int npolys, Pedge_t **barriers, int *n_barriers)

Function Documentation

int Ppolybarriers Ppoly_t **  polys,
int  npolys,
Pedge_t **  barriers,
int *  n_barriers

int Proutespline Pedge_t barriers,
int  n_barriers,
Ppolyline_t  input_route,
Pvector_t  endpoint_slopes[2],
Ppolyline_t output_route

int Pshortestpath Ppoly_t boundary,
Ppoint_t  endpoints[2],
Ppolyline_t output_route

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