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renderprocs.h File Reference

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#define EMIT_SORTED   1
#define EMIT_COLORS   2
#define EMIT_PREORDER   8
#define EMIT_EDGE_SORTED   16


typedef void(* nodesizefn_t )(Agnode_t *, boolean)


void add_box (path *, box)
point add_points (point, point)
void arrow_flags (Agedge_t *e, int *sflag, int *eflag)
void arrow_gen (GVC_t *gvc, point p, point u, double scale, int flag)
double arrow_length (edge_t *e, int flag)
int arrowEndClip (inside_t *inside_context, point *ps, int startp, int endp, bezier *spl, int eflag)
int arrowStartClip (inside_t *inside_context, point *ps, int startp, int endp, bezier *spl, int sflag)
void attach_attrs (Agraph_t *)
void beginpath (path *, Agedge_t *, int, pathend_t *, boolean)
pointf Bezier (pointf *, int, double, pointf *, pointf *)
void bezier_clip (inside_t *inside_context, boolean(*insidefn)(inside_t *inside_context, pointf p), pointf *sp, boolean left_inside)
shape_descbind_shape (char *name, node_t *)
box boxof (int, int, int, int)
void cat_libfile (FILE *, char **, char **)
void clip_and_install (edge_t *, edge_t *, point *, int, splineInfo *)
int clust_in_layer (Agraph_t *)
char * canontoken (char *str)
void colorxlate (char *str, color_t *color, color_type target_type)
void common_init_node (node_t *n)
int common_init_edge (edge_t *e)
void compute_bb (Agraph_t *)
void config_builtins (GVC_t *gvc)
point coord (node_t *n)
pointf cvt2ptf (point)
point cvt2pt (pointf)
Agnode_tdequeue (queue *)
void do_graph_label (graph_t *sg)
point dotneato_closest (splines *spl, point p)
void graph_init (graph_t *g)
void dotneato_initialize (GVC_t *gvc, int, char **)
void setCmdName (char *)
void dotneato_usage (int)
char * getFlagOpt (int argc, char **argv, int *idx)
void dotneato_postprocess (Agraph_t *, nodesizefn_t)
void dotneato_set_margins (GVC_t *gvc, Agraph_t *)
void dotneato_eof (GVC_t *gvc)
void dotneato_terminate (GVC_t *gvc)
void dotneato_write (GVC_t *gvc)
void dotneato_write_one (GVC_t *gvc)
int edge_in_CB (Agedge_t *)
int edge_in_layer (Agraph_t *, Agedge_t *)
double elapsed_sec (void)
void enqueue (queue *, Agnode_t *)
void enqueue_neighbors (queue *, Agnode_t *, int)
void emit_attachment (GVC_t *gvc, textlabel_t *, splines *)
void emit_clusters (GVC_t *gvc, Agraph_t *g, int flags)
void emit_eof (GVC_t *gvc)
void emit_graph (GVC_t *gvc, int flags)
void emit_edge (GVC_t *gvc, edge_t *e)
void emit_node (GVC_t *gvc, node_t *n)
void emit_label (GVC_t *gvc, textlabel_t *, void *obj)
int emit_once (char *message)
void emit_once_reset ()
void emit_reset (GVC_t *gvc)
void endpath (path *, Agedge_t *, int, pathend_t *, boolean)
void epsf_init (node_t *n)
void epsf_free (node_t *n)
void epsf_gencode (GVC_t *gvc, node_t *n)
FILE * file_select (char *)
shape_descfind_user_shape (char *)
box flip_rec_box (box b, point p)
point flip_pt (point p, int rankdir)
pointf flip_ptf (pointf p, int rankdir)
void free_line (textline_t *)
void free_label (textlabel_t *)
void free_queue (queue *)
void free_ugraph (graph_t *)
char * gd_alternate_fontlist (char *font)
char * gd_textsize (textline_t *textline, char *fontname, double fontsz, char **fontpath)
point gd_user_shape_size (node_t *n, char *shapeimagefile)
point ps_user_shape_size (node_t *n, char *shapeimagefile)
point svg_user_shape_size (node_t *n, char *shapeimagefile)
point quartz_user_shape_size (node_t *n, char *shapeimagefile)
point gd_image_size (graph_t *n, char *shapeimagefile)
point ps_image_size (graph_t *n, char *shapeimagefile)
point svg_image_size (graph_t *n, char *shapeimagefile)
point quartz_image_size (graph_t *n, char *shapeimagefile)
boolean getdoubles2pt (graph_t *g, char *name, point *result)
void getdouble (graph_t *g, char *name, double *result)
splinesgetsplinepoints (edge_t *e)
void global_def (char *, Agsym_t *(*fun)(Agraph_t *, char *, char *))
point image_size (graph_t *g, char *shapefile)
void init_ugraph (graph_t *g)
point invflip_pt (point p, int rankdir)
int is_natural_number (char *)
boolean isPolygon (node_t *)
int late_attr (void *, char *)
int late_bool (void *, Agsym_t *, int)
double late_double (void *, Agsym_t *, double, double)
int late_int (void *, Agsym_t *, int, int)
char * late_nnstring (void *, Agsym_t *, char *)
char * late_string (void *, Agsym_t *, char *)
int layer_index (char *, int)
int layerindex (char *)
char * strdup_and_subst_graph (char *str, Agraph_t *g)
char * strdup_and_subst_node (char *str, Agnode_t *n)
char * strdup_and_subst_edge (char *str, Agedge_t *e)
char * xml_string (char *s)
void makeSelfEdge (path *, edge_t **, int, int, int, splineInfo *)
textlabel_tmake_label (int, char *, double, char *, char *, graph_t *)
int mapbool (char *)
int maptoken (char *, char **, int *)
void map_begin_cluster (graph_t *g)
void map_begin_edge (Agedge_t *e)
void map_begin_node (Agnode_t *n)
void map_edge (Agedge_t *)
point map_point (point)
box mkbox (point, point)
point neato_closest (splines *spl, point p)
beziernew_spline (edge_t *e, int sz)
queuenew_queue (int)
FILE * next_input_file (void)
Agraph_tnext_input_graph (void)
int node_in_CB (node_t *)
int node_in_layer (Agraph_t *, node_t *)
void osize_label (textlabel_t *, int *, int *, int *, int *)
point pageincr (point)
char ** parse_style (char *s)
void place_graph_label (Agraph_t *)
void place_portlabel (edge_t *e, boolean head_p)
point pointof (int, int)
void printptf (FILE *, point)
int processClusterEdges (graph_t *g)
char * ps_string (char *s)
void rank (graph_t *g, int balance, int maxiter)
void rec_attach_bb (Agraph_t *)
int rect_overlap (box, box)
void routesplinesinit (void)
pointroutesplines (path *, int *)
void routesplinesterm (void)
char * safefile (char *shapefilename)
int selectedlayer (char *)
void setup_graph (GVC_t *gvc, graph_t *g)
shape_kind shapeOf (node_t *)
void shape_clip (node_t *n, point curve[4], edge_t *e)
point spline_at_y (splines *spl, int y)
void start_timer (void)
double textwidth (textline_t *textline, char *fontname, double fontsz)
void translate_bb (Agraph_t *, int)
Agnode_tUF_find (Agnode_t *)
void UF_remove (Agnode_t *, Agnode_t *)
void UF_setname (Agnode_t *, Agnode_t *)
void UF_singleton (Agnode_t *)
Agnode_tUF_union (Agnode_t *, Agnode_t *)
void undoClusterEdges (graph_t *g)
void update (edge_t *e, edge_t *f)
void updateBB (graph_t *g, textlabel_t *lp)
void use_library (char *)
char * username ()
point user_shape_size (node_t *n, char *shapefile)
int validpage (point)
void write_plain (GVC_t *gvc, FILE *)
void write_plain_ext (GVC_t *gvc, FILE *)
void * zmalloc (size_t)
void * zrealloc (void *, size_t, size_t, size_t)
void * gmalloc (size_t)
void * grealloc (void *, size_t)
point sub_points (point, point)
int lang_select (GVC_t *gvc, char *, int)
void toggle (int)
int test_toggle ()

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Definition at line 87 of file renderprocs.h.

#define EMIT_COLORS   2

Definition at line 86 of file renderprocs.h.

#define EMIT_EDGE_SORTED   16

Definition at line 89 of file renderprocs.h.

#define EMIT_PREORDER   8

Definition at line 88 of file renderprocs.h.

#define EMIT_SORTED   1

Definition at line 85 of file renderprocs.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* nodesizefn_t)(Agnode_t *, boolean)

Definition at line 24 of file renderprocs.h.

Function Documentation

void add_box path ,

point add_points point  ,

void arrow_flags Agedge_t e,
int *  sflag,
int *  eflag

void arrow_gen GVC_t gvc,
point  p,
point  u,
double  scale,
int  flag

double arrow_length edge_t e,
int  flag

int arrowEndClip inside_t inside_context,
point ps,
int  startp,
int  endp,
bezier spl,
int  eflag

int arrowStartClip inside_t inside_context,
point ps,
int  startp,
int  endp,
bezier spl,
int  sflag

void attach_attrs Agraph_t  ) 

void beginpath path ,
Agedge_t ,
int  ,
pathend_t ,

pointf Bezier pointf ,
int  ,
double  ,
pointf ,

void bezier_clip inside_t inside_context,
boolean(*)(inside_t *inside_context, pointf p insidefn,
pointf sp,
boolean  left_inside

shape_desc* bind_shape char *  name,

box boxof int  ,
int  ,
int  ,

char* canontoken char *  str  ) 

void cat_libfile FILE *  ,
char **  ,
char ** 

void clip_and_install edge_t ,
edge_t ,
point ,
int  ,

int clust_in_layer Agraph_t  ) 

void colorxlate char *  str,
color_t color,
color_type  target_type

int common_init_edge edge_t e  ) 

void common_init_node node_t n  ) 

void compute_bb Agraph_t  ) 

void config_builtins GVC_t gvc  ) 

point coord node_t n  ) 

point cvt2pt pointf   ) 

pointf cvt2ptf point   ) 

Agnode_t* dequeue queue  ) 

void do_graph_label graph_t sg  ) 

point dotneato_closest splines spl,
point  p

void dotneato_eof GVC_t gvc  ) 

void dotneato_initialize GVC_t gvc,
int  ,
char ** 

void dotneato_postprocess Agraph_t ,

void dotneato_set_margins GVC_t gvc,

void dotneato_terminate GVC_t gvc  ) 

void dotneato_usage int   ) 

void dotneato_write GVC_t gvc  ) 

void dotneato_write_one GVC_t gvc  ) 

int edge_in_CB Agedge_t  ) 

int edge_in_layer Agraph_t ,

double elapsed_sec void   ) 

void emit_attachment GVC_t gvc,
textlabel_t ,

void emit_clusters GVC_t gvc,
Agraph_t g,
int  flags

void emit_edge GVC_t gvc,
edge_t e

void emit_eof GVC_t gvc  ) 

void emit_graph GVC_t gvc,
int  flags

void emit_label GVC_t gvc,
textlabel_t ,
void *  obj

void emit_node GVC_t gvc,
node_t n

int emit_once char *  message  ) 

void emit_once_reset  ) 

void emit_reset GVC_t gvc  ) 

void endpath path ,
Agedge_t ,
int  ,
pathend_t ,

void enqueue queue ,

void enqueue_neighbors queue ,
Agnode_t ,

void epsf_free node_t n  ) 

void epsf_gencode GVC_t gvc,
node_t n

void epsf_init node_t n  ) 

FILE* file_select char *   ) 

shape_desc* find_user_shape char *   ) 

point flip_pt point  p,
int  rankdir

pointf flip_ptf pointf  p,
int  rankdir

box flip_rec_box box  b,
point  p

void free_label textlabel_t  ) 

void free_line textline_t  ) 

void free_queue queue  ) 

void free_ugraph graph_t  ) 

char* gd_alternate_fontlist char *  font  ) 

point gd_image_size graph_t n,
char *  shapeimagefile

char* gd_textsize textline_t textline,
char *  fontname,
double  fontsz,
char **  fontpath

point gd_user_shape_size node_t n,
char *  shapeimagefile

void getdouble graph_t g,
char *  name,
double *  result

boolean getdoubles2pt graph_t g,
char *  name,
point result

char* getFlagOpt int  argc,
char **  argv,
int *  idx

splines* getsplinepoints edge_t e  ) 

Referenced by Dot::callDot().

void global_def char *  ,
Agsym_t *(*)(Agraph_t *, char *, char *)  fun

void* gmalloc size_t   ) 

void graph_init graph_t g  ) 

void* grealloc void *  ,

point image_size graph_t g,
char *  shapefile

void init_ugraph graph_t g  ) 

point invflip_pt point  p,
int  rankdir

int is_natural_number char *   ) 

boolean isPolygon node_t  ) 

int lang_select GVC_t gvc,
char *  ,

int late_attr void *  ,
char * 

int late_bool void *  ,
Agsym_t ,

double late_double void *  ,
Agsym_t ,
double  ,

int late_int void *  ,
Agsym_t ,
int  ,

char* late_nnstring void *  ,
Agsym_t ,
char * 

char* late_string void *  ,
Agsym_t ,
char * 

int layer_index char *  ,

int layerindex char *   ) 

textlabel_t* make_label int  ,
char *  ,
double  ,
char *  ,
char *  ,

void makeSelfEdge path ,
edge_t **  ,
int  ,
int  ,
int  ,

void map_begin_cluster graph_t g  ) 

void map_begin_edge Agedge_t e  ) 

void map_begin_node Agnode_t n  ) 

void map_edge Agedge_t  ) 

point map_point point   ) 

int mapbool char *   ) 

int maptoken char *  ,
char **  ,
int * 

box mkbox point  ,

point neato_closest splines spl,
point  p

queue* new_queue int   ) 

bezier* new_spline edge_t e,
int  sz

FILE* next_input_file void   ) 

Agraph_t* next_input_graph void   ) 

int node_in_CB node_t  ) 

int node_in_layer Agraph_t ,

void osize_label textlabel_t ,
int *  ,
int *  ,
int *  ,
int * 

point pageincr point   ) 

char** parse_style char *  s  ) 

void place_graph_label Agraph_t  ) 

void place_portlabel edge_t e,
boolean  head_p

point pointof int  ,

void printptf FILE *  ,

int processClusterEdges graph_t g  ) 

point ps_image_size graph_t n,
char *  shapeimagefile

char* ps_string char *  s  ) 

point ps_user_shape_size node_t n,
char *  shapeimagefile

point quartz_image_size graph_t n,
char *  shapeimagefile

point quartz_user_shape_size node_t n,
char *  shapeimagefile

void rank graph_t g,
int  balance,
int  maxiter

void rec_attach_bb Agraph_t  ) 

int rect_overlap box  ,

point* routesplines path ,
int * 

void routesplinesinit void   ) 

void routesplinesterm void   ) 

char* safefile char *  shapefilename  ) 

int selectedlayer char *   ) 

void setCmdName char *   ) 

void setup_graph GVC_t gvc,
graph_t g

void shape_clip node_t n,
point  curve[4],
edge_t e

shape_kind shapeOf node_t  ) 

point spline_at_y splines spl,
int  y

void start_timer void   ) 

char* strdup_and_subst_edge char *  str,
Agedge_t e

char* strdup_and_subst_graph char *  str,
Agraph_t g

char* strdup_and_subst_node char *  str,
Agnode_t n

point sub_points point  ,

point svg_image_size graph_t n,
char *  shapeimagefile

point svg_user_shape_size node_t n,
char *  shapeimagefile

int test_toggle  ) 

double textwidth textline_t textline,
char *  fontname,
double  fontsz

void toggle int   ) 

void translate_bb Agraph_t ,

Agnode_t* UF_find Agnode_t  ) 

void UF_remove Agnode_t ,

void UF_setname Agnode_t ,

void UF_singleton Agnode_t  ) 

Agnode_t* UF_union Agnode_t ,

void undoClusterEdges graph_t g  ) 

void update edge_t e,
edge_t f

void updateBB graph_t g,
textlabel_t lp

void use_library char *   ) 

point user_shape_size node_t n,
char *  shapefile

char* username  ) 

int validpage point   ) 

void write_plain GVC_t gvc,

void write_plain_ext GVC_t gvc,

char* xml_string char *  s  ) 

void* zmalloc size_t   ) 

void* zrealloc void *  ,
size_t  ,
size_t  ,

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