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shape_functions Struct Reference

#include <types.h>

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Public Attributes

void(* initfn )(node_t *)
void(* freefn )(node_t *)
port(* portfn )(node_t *, char *, char *)
boolean(* insidefn )(inside_t *inside_context, pointf)
int(* pboxfn )(node_t *n, edge_t *e, int, box *, int *)
void(* codefn )(GVC_t *gvc, node_t *n)

Member Data Documentation

void(* shape_functions::codefn)(GVC_t *gvc, node_t *n)

void(* shape_functions::freefn)(node_t *)

void(* shape_functions::initfn)(node_t *)

boolean(* shape_functions::insidefn)(inside_t *inside_context, pointf)

int(* shape_functions::pboxfn)(node_t *n, edge_t *e, int, box *, int *)

port(* shape_functions::portfn)(node_t *, char *, char *)

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