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vispath.h File Reference

#include <pathgeom.h>

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#define POLYID_NONE   -1111
#define POLYID_UNKNOWN   -2222


vconfig_tPobsopen (Ppoly_t **obstacles, int n_obstacles)
void Pobsclose (vconfig_t *config)
int Pobspath (vconfig_t *config, Ppoint_t p0, int poly0, Ppoint_t p1, int poly1, Ppolyline_t *output_route)

Define Documentation

#define POLYID_NONE   -1111

Definition at line 48 of file vispath.h.

#define POLYID_UNKNOWN   -2222

Definition at line 49 of file vispath.h.

Function Documentation

void Pobsclose vconfig_t config  ) 

vconfig_t* Pobsopen Ppoly_t **  obstacles,
int  n_obstacles

int Pobspath vconfig_t config,
Ppoint_t  p0,
int  poly0,
Ppoint_t  p1,
int  poly1,
Ppolyline_t output_route

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